Here are a few NOW HOPE testimonies . . .


The Man from Iran – I was teaching a session in Tanzania on the key role of business men & women in spreading the gospel.

This man next to me was raised Muslim in Iran and he was invited by a businessman to hear me speak. At the end of the session the Man from IRAN came to me and asked for prayer to receive Jesus as Lord & Savior!

I am so thankful for all my friends in BUSINESS that are sharing the gospel in the marketplace!

To God be all the Glory!

Brian Chu






USA Pastors

Brian and Melissa Chu are strategically advancing the kingdom of God in the darkest corners of the world! I believe in their ministry and, more importantly, I believe in them. Pastor Rob Brendle, Denver United Church, Denver, CO

It’s rare to meet someone as serious about changing the world as Brian and Melissa Chu. They live their message and their family reflects it. If most believers were as devoted to the Gospel as the Chu family, the world would have already been reached. Dr. Joseph Winger, Boulder Street Church, Colorado Springs, CO

USA Youth Pastors

Brian Chu was great…he brought the word directly from the Word. Great man, Loves God and preaches what the good Lord gives him. – Pastor Chad Woehnker, Flipside Youth Ministries, Bradenton, FL

It’s a blessing to be associated with such a powerful speaker that has a heart for God and people. With his travels into all the world, he is able to capture the hearts of all ages with real-life experiences related to the Word of God. – Pastor Ed Emerson, Life & Praise Church, Flatrock, AL

International Pastors

I interpreted your sermons in Indonesia. I had a hard time keeping myself from crying while listening to, and interpreting, your words. THANK YOU so much for your ministry. Everybody was so blessed and came home a new person. – D.S. Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you in name of all the churches in Bebedouro. It was a blessing to us and to the region that was at the conference. – Pastor Pedro, CEIFA, Bebedouro, Brazil

As a church we are so grateful that you visited us in Shillong. We are so blessed by your ministry in our midst. We pray that you come and visit us again. Thank you so much! – Pastor Barnold, Shillong, India

We want to thank you for your wonderful ministry to us here in Germany. We got several positive comments on your teachings and sermon. May our Lord continue to bless you, your family and your ministry. May you get a rich return on your sacrifice to bring more of Christ to Germany. – Pastor Watson and Erika, Christ Center, Hoff, Germany