Lonely? Discouraged? Tired?

Lonely? Discouraged? Tired? – Sometimes this is how I feel as a traveling missionary evangelist! But testimonies like this help fuel my passion to continue preaching for Jesus!
Brian Chu – Now Hope Missionary


Limuru, Kenya

I have just been reflecting on the impact that you had this time round in our City of Limuru and I really thank God for you. This time you truly blessed us, taught us the Word and we grew. Each of my members have at least one word to quote you through the messages you released.

The messages on Kingdom living, the Dominion we have in Christ and God colonizing humanity were so real and we appreciate. I personally loved your ministration and I pray that God blesses you.

All our contacts like Alpha Joy Orphage were so touched, Teachers and Students in Murengeti Primary School and the Living Revival Church truly appreciated the power of the Word.

We bless God for you and look forward to your coming back in the near future.
– Pastor Peter WOMA Church Limuru