Greetings from Mongolia…

I was honored to speak at a small satellite church plant this morning. A couple things about the experience really stood out to me…
Me and my interpreter, Nada. I told her that her name in Spanish means ’zero/ nothing’ we laughed our heads off!
  • Size really doesn’t matter: It would be easy to expect that flying half way around the globe should warrant large crowds and speaking to the multitudes. After all, it’s got to be worth the while, right? However, I’ve learned that the number of folks who show up is completely irrelevant and insignificant. In fact, the smaller the more significant to me. It means that God cares so much about those ‘chosen few’ that he would fly me half way around the world just because He has something very specific to say to them personally. Beyond humbled that I get to be the voice on His behalf.
  • Raw Worship: Before we arrived the Pastor apologized for their worship. They have all of the instruments necessary for a full band…but no body who knows how to play the instruments? The worship was 3 ladies singing acapella. I’ve been to large churches all over the world with talented, professional musicians. But i’m telling you, the anointing on the simple and raw worship I experienced in this small church ushered in the presence of God unlike any other church I’ve been to. I told the pastor afterwards to never again apologize for his worship 🙂
Jesus took the wheel: I’m so glad I spent hours, and hours, and hours laboring (and fretting) over my notes –  creating an outline and ‘perfecting’ my messages. Because, once they handed me the microphone I was ‘off-script’ and barely glanced at my notes. Apparently the Lord had something else to say them 🙂
P.S. I’m fighting a pretty miserable head cold and sleep has been rough and very little 🙁
P.S.S. My blow dryer bit the dust. Haven’t washed my hair in 4 days. I need a hair dryer miracle before it get’s real ugly real soon. #firstworldproblems