Faith in the midst of tragedy…

Last September, tragedy struck 14-year old Yasmin. She lost her life due to a senseless act of violence. I’m bringing Naomi, our 12-year old daughter, to this same rural Brazilian town April 17-23rd. Together, we will convey faith through the Gospel message… that all women would be confident of their purpose and destiny.

We know: 

  • Flying to developing nations isn’t for everyone.
  • Speaking publicly, and intimately isn’t for everyone.
  • Taking your children to far off lands isn’t for everyone.

We also know: 

  • It’s our thing.
  • It’s our passion.
  • It’s our dream.

You have a part to play. Partnering with us is equally valued… as if you were flying, speaking and bringing your own kids. We need You. You matter.

Peace and love,

Melissa and the Chu Crew (Brian, Naomi, Bella & Sienna)