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Obey Your Heavenly Vision

Talminadu, IndiaOver the last few weeks I’ve been meditating on what the apostle Paul said to King Agrippa . . . “I had this vision from heaven and I obeyed it” Acts 26:19. 

God gave me a vision 20 years ago to be a “missionary to the nations” and I’m so thankful that I obeyed it. I just returned from preaching in India and many Hindu’s gave their lives to Jesus, people were healed and believers were encouraged to continue in the faith.

I believe staying focused on your heavenly vision pleases the Lord and it will also help you through the difficulties and challenges in life!



Brazil Mission Trip

We wrapped up our 2015 ministry tour by visiting our dear friends Renato & Michelle Cassula in Fortaleza, Brazil. Brian trained church leaders for two days and he challenged the believers to put God first in their lives.

Renato and Michelle have planted a new church and also minister to people living in the water drought regions of Brazil. We look forward to going back soon!

The Dynamic Duo in Argentina

IMG_2169A dear friend of ours refers to Melissa and I as the “Dynamic Duo”. We are humbled by that name but actually we are more effective for the Kingdom when we minister together. In June 2015, we both ventured down to Argentina and trained church leaders in two cities for two days.


This was a significant trip because evangelical church leaders in Argentina are being persecuted by the government. New rules are going in effect that requires all church pastors to have formal Bible training. We responded by training their church leaders and providing a certificate of training for their records.


The church leaders were so thankful that we came to their country. It was a wonderful time of teaching, prayer, prophetic words and fellowship with the believers. We look forward to many more years of ministering together as the “Dynamic Duo” in the nations for Jesus!

Brian & Melissa Chu

Melissa and Brian in Bolivia

In 2013, Melissa and I ministered together in Cochabamba, Bolivia. With our children still at a young age, It had been a while since we traveled alone together without our kiddos. But God’s timing is always perfecto!!!

I was so excited to listen to Melissa teach the Word and watch the Holy Spirit minister through her with boldness, compassion and truth. Many of the ladies stayed after the service to talk to her and ask for prayer.

We also got in some well needed morning coffee dates and evening dinners in the quaint city of Cochabamba. Thank you Lord, for this amazing opportunity to minister in the nations with my beautiful wife.

    Click here to watch video

Ethiopia Miracles

In January 2013, Brian led a mission trip to Ethiopia. Although over two years have passed, it remains one of our most impacting trips to date. Miracles still happen today and we have witnessed it with our own eyes.

Ethiopia mud huts
mud huts in Ethiopia

On this particular trip, Brian was pulled out of his comfort zone. He was asked, on the spot and without preparation, to speak to a group of women. God instantly gave Brian a message to tell them their value… that they were created in God’s image, even as wives and mothers. Many of the women received Jesus and were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Ethiopian women
Brian with the women at the church in Ethiopia

But God wasn’t done yet.

During one of the evangelism outreaches, a man was introduced to Brian. He had been blind in one eye since birth. Brian asked the man, “If God heals you, will you bring back all your friends?”

O Lord, if you heal me, I will be truly healed;
if you save me, I will be truly saved.
My praises are for you alone!
(Jeremiah 17:14)

blind eye opened miracles still happen today
This man’s blind eye was opened!

Miraculously, God healed the man’s blind eye and he was able to see out of that eye for the first time in his life! He then accepted Jesus, and left. An hour later, he returned with many of his friends, all of whom wanted prayer and to receive Jesus. We have a video of that encounter:

Miracles still happen today, but you must be willing to step out in faith.

Ethiopian church
Brian at the church in Ethiopia

Our next trip is in April to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We have been visiting this place every year since 2002, working with 22 adopted children, evangelism, and prison outreach. We need to raise another $500 by April 1st. If you would like to give towards this trip, secure donations can be made here. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Dominican Republic

Brian traveled to the Dominican Republic January 16th-18th. This was his third trip there in three years. When he went in October 2014, he worked with Pastor Jose Pelaez, helping him construct his new church building. Because of Brian’s active involvement with the building process, Pastor Jose asked him to come back once they were officially in their new building, which is why he returned three months later.

Brian Chu Jose Pelaez
Brian and Pastor Jose (January 2015)
during construction (October 2014)
during construction (October 2014)
a service in the newly constructed church building
a service in the newly constructed church building (January 2015)
Brian Chu
Brian outside the church (October 2014)

Pastor Jose’s church is making a big impact in their community. Over 400 kids attend their after-school program! Needless to say, their new building is a huge blessing.

children in the after-school program
children in the after-school program

Our friend David Buchanan accompanied Brian to the Dominican Republic. It was David’s first overseas mission trip. David had an opportunity to speak to the church’s youth group, as well as their children’s ministry. He also prayed for church leaders.

David Buchanan
David speaking to the children

One of David’s most impacting moments on the trip was when he led a woman to Jesus. She lives in one of the poorest areas just outside the city of Santo Domingo. Her family eats only once a day around 1:00 PM. The meal usually consists of a piece of bread and water. Occasionally, they will have a bit of extra money and may be able to enjoy a piece of candy and soda for dinner. Their small house is about the size of a one-car garage, yet eight people live there. It’s difficult to imagine, but somehow they survive.

David Buchanan
David praying with a family
David Buchanan
David with a family in Santo Domingo

Brian lived in New York from age 2 until age 29. His home wasn’t far from the Yankee stadium, so he was understandably a fan. One evening in the Dominican Republic, Brian spoke to a youth group that was started by a former NY Yankee pitcher, Dámaso Marte. What a small world!

Brian Chu
Brian speaking at the church
Brian Chu Dámaso Marte
Brian with Dámaso Marte

A video message from Pastor Jose Pelaez:

Our next trip is in April to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We have been visiting this place every year since 2002, working with 22 adopted children, evangelism, and prison outreach. We need to raise another $500 by April 1st. If you would like to give towards this trip, secure donations can be made here. Thank you for your support and prayers.