Melissa and Brian with their children: Sienna, Naomi and Bella

Brian and Melissa Chu are just a couple who are crazy enough to believe their family, living in Colorado can actually make a difference in this world. In 2004 they turned their crazy dream into a reality and founded NOW HOPE, dedicated to helping people in developing nations who have limited access to the gospel, resources and education. Since then, they have impacted thousands of people in over 48 countries.

Before they started NOW HOPE, Brian served on staff with John and Lisa Bevere at Messenger International and developed their Churches Relations Department. Melissa pioneered the Internet Marketing Department for Dr. James Dobson’s ministry, Focus on the Family.

Brian was raised in Westchester County, New York – which means his world revolves around the NY Yankees, of course! Melissa is from Palatine, Illinois which means she still says, ‘pop’ instead of soda and ‘you guys’ even when addressing their three daughters.

Because sometimes a college degree matters, they must brag a bit. Brian received a Bachelor of Science degree from State University of New York at Brockport in 1987. He also has Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Logos Christian College. Melissa graduated from Arizona State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree and proceeded to work in the corporate world, in marketing, for seven years.

In 2001, Melissa spent six months with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Kona, Hawaii and Northern Thailand. Brian and Melissa are both licensed ministers with Messenger International.

Sienna, Naomi & Bella

When the Yankees aren’t playing baseball you will most likely find Brian on the golf course, or napping to the Golf Channel on TV. Brian has a passion to help others discover their God given talents and fulfill their destiny. His face will blow up like a balloon if he eats shellfish and he simply does not age! It must be an ‘ancient Chinese secret’, because over 50 never looked so ripped.

Powered by super greens, chia seeds and her VitaMix, Melissa has spent the past decade traveling the globe imparting a God-entrusted message of freedom to empower women in the local church. When she’s not traveling, you will find Melissa in flip-flops, ponytails and yoga pants in stunning Colorado Springs, CO with her family. Melissa finds joy in eating healthy, fitness and car pool lines.

Let’s not forget the three little ‘Chu’Chu’s’ and world-changers; Naomi, Bella and Sienna. Their parents have already pre-determined their fate as star tennis and golfers, they will not date (no, not ever) and they will move mountains for Jesus – just as soon as they are done doing cartwheels at gymnastics class.