Mongolia Update :: Planes, trains and sex?!?!

Hi Friends,

Just a quick update that I made it to Mongolia safe and sound. Phew!
I haven’t traveled overseas in a couple years…and I’m reminded of a couple things:
1)  38 hours from point A to point B is HARD! Traveling is not for the faint at heart.
2)  I absolutely LOVE being here and I may need to do this more often 🙂
Peaks and Pits (the best and worst parts of my day):
Peak: We hit the ground running. Just a few short hours after arriving we went straight to the church to speak at a singles conference. Can you say, ‘Disoriented’? Nothing like being the only white girl looking around at a theater full of Asian people who sound like they are speaking Russian, feeling half asleep with blurred eyes, while seeds of doubt dance in your head saying ‘What in the world are you doing here?’, only to have a microphone promptly shoved in your face to ‘preach’. Giddy up, game on, it’s show time! Thankfully we serve a Big God who shows up… in-spite of ourselves! The young folks were so fun, full of energy and super curious with lots of questions. It was a blast from the past to share lessons learned from my good ‘ol single days and bit about my courtship with Brian:
  • Don’t do anything with each other that you wouldn’t do in front of your own father (Gulp)
  • Your past is not your future – God can restore your mistakes (can I get an Amen)
  • Sexual tension is a good thing (Yikes). It’s a gift from God. It’s how you act on that tension that matters.
PIT:  Waking up from a long fit-ful nap on the flight from LAX to Beijing and realizing I still had 6 hours and 45 minutes still to go, the only in-flight movies were Chinese films, and I had to use the restroom but couldn’t get out because the man next to me was out cold (CPAP mask and all)?!?!  With legs crossed, it was almost enough to make a grown woman cry (Ha)!
With a grateful heart and much love,
P.S. Talking about sex in church makes everyone giggle, include myself
P.S.S. I’m really glad I’m married!