The Dynamic Duo in Argentina

IMG_2169A dear friend of ours refers to Melissa and I as the “Dynamic Duo”. We are humbled by that name but actually we are more effective for the Kingdom when we minister together. In June 2015, we both ventured down to Argentina and trained church leaders in two cities for two days.


This was a significant trip because evangelical church leaders in Argentina are being persecuted by the government. New rules are going in effect that requires all church pastors to have formal Bible training. We responded by training their church leaders and providing a certificate of training for their records.


The church leaders were so thankful that we came to their country. It was a wonderful time of teaching, prayer, prophetic words and fellowship with the believers. We look forward to many more years of ministering together as the “Dynamic Duo” in the nations for Jesus!

Brian & Melissa Chu

Melissa and Brian in Bolivia

In 2013, Melissa and I ministered together in Cochabamba, Bolivia. With our children still at a young age, It had been a while since we traveled alone together without our kiddos. But God’s timing is always perfecto!!!

I was so excited to listen to Melissa teach the Word and watch the Holy Spirit minister through her with boldness, compassion and truth. Many of the ladies stayed after the service to talk to her and ask for prayer.

We also got in some well needed morning coffee dates and evening dinners in the quaint city of Cochabamba. Thank you Lord, for this amazing opportunity to minister in the nations with my beautiful wife.

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Motorcycle to Ministry

20 years ago the Lord called me to serve Him in the ministry. So in 1995 at age 31, I sold my motorcycle (Honda CBR600) to pay my tuition for Bible school.

It has been quite the life of faith, adventure, obedience, sacrifice and joy to serve the Lord as a missionary to the nations.

Brian Chu

Starbucks and Chipotle

Solar Powered Audio Bible

I really enjoy Starbucks and Chipotle and actually own shares of stock in both companies! This December, I’m fasting both places to save some money. Why? to help provide audio Bibles for believers in developing countries who suffer effects of illiteracy and limited access to electricity!

We’ve preached the gospel in over 45 countries and many of the people we reach have little or no education plus limited access or no electricity. So even if you give them a Bible in their language, most likely they would not be able to read it.

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The MegaVoice Solar Powered Audio Bible

  • Provides non-readers with the good news of God’s love.
  • Device includes Bible, 3 year Bible school & animated Bible stories.
  • Available in over 4,600 languages.
  • These cool devices are SOLAR POWERED!!!

Each device is only $50  = (3 meals at Chipotle + 5 Starbucks coffee). Please share this story with your friends and consider helping us purchase Megavoice Audio Bibles!

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Thank you!

Brian Chu Co-founder of Now Hope