A Messianic Jew in a Gym

Why your voice matters…

23 years ago a Messianic Jew, who Brian met at the gym, invited Brian to a Billy Graham crusade in Central Park. Brian became a Christian that day. (Who knew gym evangelism was a thing?) The decision changed the course of his life forever, it impacted my life profoundly, and it is influencing the generations to come through our 3 daughters. Additionally, the effect is alive and kicking in the developing nations he visits. It is heard every time Brian speaks to pastors, leaders, bible school students and believers. It is seen in every healing and salvation. And, it is felt through every transformed life.

Brian in his late 20’s. He may have gone to the gym once or twice.

What if the man at the gym was too scared, intimidated, or embarrassed to invite Brian to the crusade that day?

Who is missing out on the blessing you have to offer? What possibilities are you overlooking? It is our prayer that you would be filled with boldness, courage and faith as you become aware of who God sets before you. Take the time and effort to make a difference in their life. The ripple effect may be beyond what you could ever dare to hope or imagine.