Training church leaders in Brazil

Now Hope is a ministry of Brian and Melissa Chu. Our family lives by the verse, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). Quite simply, it fuels our calling and is our source of joy in life.

Forbes Magazine reports, “It’s estimated that $60 billion is spent annually by corporate America on learning and development programs.”

Clearly there is great value in investing time and money into leaders. Unfortunately, numerous Christian leaders in developing nations have limited access to learning and development programs. In fact, many have a 4th grade education, at best. However, their faith is without measure and their limits are without end!

Now Hope is committed to making an impact in developing nations. In fact, we pay our own travel expenses as a way to invest into the lives of future leaders. We speak in churches and bible schools and teach leaders how to reach their full potential.

We know that the investment in a leader can not only change his/her life, but the impact can multiply into the lives of each individual, family, village, city, and nation they reach. In turn, the ripple effect touches the current and future generations to come. This is time and money well spent. This is our passion. This is our life. We are Now Hope.