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Now Hope is a non-profit ministry dedicated to reaching lost and training church leaders who have limited access to the gospel, resources and education.

INDIA - Reaching the Lost
INDIA – Reaching the Lost

Evangelism? Today approximately 7.4 billion people live on the earth and only 1/3 or 2.3 billion claim to be Christians. We’re committed to doing our part in reaching the remaining 4.6 billion people who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Making Disciples? Unfortunately, numerous Christians in developing nations have limited access to the gospel, ministry training or development programs. In fact, many have a 4th grade education, at best.  Forbes Magazine reports, “An estimate of $60 billion is spent annually by corporate America on learning and development programs.”


THAILAND – Training Church Leaders

With the generous support from friends, businesses and churches we pay our own travel and ministry expenses to preach the gospel in the nations. Each year we travel to 6 or 8 countries and work with local churches who arrange our evangelistic outreaches and leadership training sessions. In turn, the ripple effect touches the current and future generations to come. This is time and money well spent. This is our passion. This is our life. We are Now Hope.